Guest Lectures

Invited Lectures At Universities and Research Institutes (since ‘82)

  1. University of British Columbia, Urban Planning Program, 1982.
  2. Haifa University, Department of Political Science, 1987.
  3. Land Policy Circle of the Land Use Research Institute, Jerusalem, 1984,1990.
  4. University of Manitoba, Canada, Urban Planning Program, 1982.
  5. University of Calgary, “Urban Planning Program”, “1982”.
  6. Vancouver Center for Human, Settlements, 1982.
  7. University of Chicago at Chicago Circle, Urban Planning Program, 1982.
  8. Rutgers University, Planning Program, 1982.
  9. Hunter College, President’s special lecture;, Urban Planning Program.
  10. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:, Policies Analysis Program, 1981,1982 and Department of City & Regional Planning, 1981-2 and 1985.
  11. Haifa University, Department of Geography, 1986.
  12. University of Minnesota, Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, 1986.
  13. University of Wisconsin,Madison, Urban Planning Program, 1986.
  14. Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem, 1986.
  15. University of Florida, Gainesville, Department of Urban Planning, Jan. 1987.
  16. Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University, Joint Center for Environmental & Urban Problems, 1987.
  17. Princeton University: Woodrow Wilson School, Planning Program and School of Arch., 1987.
  18. New York University, Urban Research Center, 1987.
  19. University of Florida, Gainesville: School of Law; and the Department of Planning, 1987.
  20. Hebrew University, Jerusalem: Faculty of Law, 1988″
  21. SABO Summer University, at the University of Umea, Gavle, Sweden, 1988.
  22. Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Cambridge, Mass.Moley House Lecture, 1988.
  23. Harvard University and Lincoln Institute, Growth Management Group, speaker at their Feb.1989 meeting, Cambridge, Mass.
  24. Hebrew University, Faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot, 1990.
  25. Tel Aviv University Law School, Continuing education unit, Nov. 1991.
  26. University of Wisconsin at Madison, Department of Urban Planning, Nov. 1991.
  27. University of Wisconsin at Madison, Real Estate Program, Dec. 1992.
  28. Queen’s University, Kingston, Ont., Feb. 1993.
  29. Ryerson University, Toronto, “Feb. 1993”.
  30. University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Dep’t of Town and Country Planning, June, 1993.
  31. Technische Universitat Berlin, Institut fur Stadt-und Regionalplanung, July, 1993.
  32. University of Florida, Gainesville, College of Law, Sept. 1993.
  33. Florida State University, Tallahassee, Dep’t of Urban and Regional Planning, Sept. 1993.
  34. University of Florida, Gainesville, Department of Urban Planning, Oct. 1993.
  35. University of Tsukuba, School of Socio-Economic Planning ,Japan, Feb. 1994.
  36. Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, Taubman Center, April 1994.
  37. Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The Urban Planning Institute, Jan. 1995.
  38. Tel Aviv University, Department of Geography, May 1996.
  39. Royal University of Technology, KTH, Stockholm, Dep’t of Regional Planning, Sept. 1997.
  40. Hebrew University, Faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot, Feb. 7, 1999.
  41. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Michigan Lecture (College-wide publicized lecture series), Feb. 9, 2000.
  42. University of Southern California, Los Angeles, School of Policy, Planning, and Development, The Comeback of National-Level Planning: Implications for Planning Theory, Feb. 9, 2001.
  43. University of Thessaly, Greece, Department of Planning, Two guest lectures: On preservation of open space; and on national-level planning in democratic countries, May 25-6, 2001, Volos, Greece.
  44. MIT, Cambridge, Mass. Department of Urban Studies and Planning, on .Comparative Planning Cultures., as part of the special MIT colloquium series, Feb. 11 2002.
  45. Tel Aviv University, Symposium on .Planning policy and politics in Israel: Reality and Vision, Invited lecture. Department of Political Science, January 24, 2002.
  46. Lincoln Institute for Land Policy, Cambridge, Mass. Invited paper on Land Readjustment in Israel,Comparative Seminar on Land Readjustment, March 21-22, 2002.
  47. Bar Ilan University, Departmental Seminar, Department of Geography: The High Court Decision on Agricultural Land: What.s Next?”, November 3 2002.
  48. Neaman Institute for Advanced Research, Technion, “From Agriculture to Shopping Centers”.Opening lecture in the Environment series of lectures, Nov. 15, 2004.
  49. University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands, “Land development provision of public services in Israel”.Guest lecture at the graduate real-estate development course, Sept. 22, 2005.
  50. University of Groningen, “National-Level Planning and Challenges to Planning Theory”, Sept. 27.
  51. Wageningen University, Land Use Group.”National-Level Planning as a Challenge to Planning Theory”, Nov. 2005.
  52. Radboud University, Nijmegen, “National-Level Planning as a Challenge to Planning Theory”, Dec. 2 2005.
  53. Netherlands Institute for Spatial Research (RPB), “National-Level Planning in Democratic Countries: Challenges to Planning theories”.The Hague, Dec. 8 2005.
  54. Delft University, “Should the “plus value” of planning decisions be reaped for the public purse, and how? A cross-national view”, Dec. 13 2005.
  55. University of Miami, School of Architecture: “Land Readjustment as and Alternative to Eminent Domain”, Symposium on: Law, Negotiations and Approvals in Real Estate, Knight Program Continuing Education.
  56. Florida State University, Tallahassee, The Broad Public Lecture (campus-wide): “National Level Planning in Democratic Countries: Are We Witnessing a Comeback?, February 9 2006.
  57. Georgia State University, College of Law, Special lecture: ” Israel’s property law and land use policies and the Mid-East Conflict: Beyond CNN Atlanta, Georgia, March 28 2006.
  58. Georgia Institute of Technology, planning department:, “Beyond the Kelo Decision: An international perspective on property rights and an alternative to eminent domain” ,Atlanta, Georgia, March 29 2006.
  59. University of Miami, School of Law, Faculty Colloquium. “Beyond Kelo: An international view and some alternatives to Eminent Domain, October 9, 2006.
  60. Harvard University, Graduate School of Design, Land Readjustment and the Built Environment: Squar.
  61. Kent School of Law, Chicago, “Eminent Domain Law from a Cross-National Perspective”, November 5 2006.
  62. University of Helsinki, Helsinki University of Technology (HUT), Centre for Urban and Regional Studies (YTK), “Planning, Land Values, and Property Rights: A cross-national perspective on the plus-value capture and compensation issues”, September 2007.
  63. Rutgers University, NB, Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Annual invited Lecture in cooperation with the Bildner Center for the Study of Jewish Life: “the Evolution of Israel’s Housing Policies: Planning in the Face of Crisis”, February 25, 2010.
  64. Rutgers University, NB. Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Invited departmental lecture: “Takings International”, 2011.
  65. City Region Study Center, University of Alberta, “Canadian Property Rights Viewed from a Cross-National Perspective”, May 24, 2011.
  66. Ryerson University, Graduate Urban Planning program, Toronto: “Can the Plus Value in Land Values be Captured to Finance Public Services? A Cross-national perspective”.  Sept. 17, 2012.
  67. Lisbon Tecnico University, Department of Urban Management. “Can the Plus Value in Land Values be Captured to Finance Public Services? A Cross-national perspective”.  October 11, 2012.
  68. UN Habitat 24th Governing Council, Nairobi. Plenary presentation, Nairobi: “Levying the Land:  Land-based instruments for public revenue and their applicability to developing countries”.  April 15-17, 2013.
  69. Delft University, Netherlands, OTB research institute.  Windfalls and Wipeouts policies from an international perspective.  Sept 18 2013.
  70. Alto University, Helsinki (Espoo), Department of Real Estate, Planning and Geoinformatics.  Seminar on Comparative Law and Policy: Land Use Planning and Environment.  Lecture:  “The challenge of Comparative Research in Land Use Law”.  Oct. 25 2013.
  71. Department of Administrative Law (Derecho Administrativo), UNED (National University for Distance Education) Madrid.  “Issues of law, regulation and implementation of coastline preservation:  A cross-national perspective”.  March 19, 2014.
  72. Taipei National University. “Land Use Regulations and Property Values: The Windfall Capture Idea from a Cross-National Perspective”.   International Program on Urban Governance – International Speakers’ Program. May 6 2014.
  73. National Chang Kung University, “Resilient City: Regulatory Regimes and Planning Law”. Keynote Speaker, seminar on Climate Change, Regulatory Regimes and the Law, May 9 2014.
  74. The Evolution of Planning Thought – Lecture Series by the 16 “Leaders in Planning Thought”.  Vienna University of Technology, Austria – May 21, 2014.  Click here for the conference report.
  75. Peking University. High-level seminar with leading world experts.  “Eminent domain practices and regulatory takings in major countries”. Beijing, May 31-June 2, 2014.
  76. The Development Research Center of the State Council, Lincoln Institute for Land Policy and Peking University. High-level seminar with leading world experts. “Eminent domain practices and regulatory takings in major countries”. Beijing, May 31-Jun 2 2014. See “Land Management Systems: International Experiences” – May 31, 2014
  77. Peking University, Shenzhen Campus, School of Urban Planning and Design – “Illegal Construction and Planning Law” – See & click here for the lecture poster – June 4, 2014
  78. Shenzhen Municipality, Urban Planning Land & Resources Commission. “The Dimensions of Planning Laws: What to Learn and Unlearn from Advanced-Economy Countries” – – June 6, 2014
  79. Harvard Law School seminar on “The Use of Land Conference”. Invited member of seminar speakers. On a view of American land use law from a cross-national perspective. 17 2014. Cambridge, Mass.
  80. National Agriculture University, Beijing Nov. 6 2014, Expropriation Law from an International Perspective: Lessons for China.  Click here for details (Chinese).
  81. The Beijing Forum – annual international event, organized by Peking University inviting leading international scholars in many fields. Opened by China’s Vice President..Expropriation and Beyond: Obtaining Land for Public Services for China’s Metropolitan Areas”. 7-9 November, 2014.  Click here for agenda – Chinese and English.
  82. University of Lisbon and Comissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional de Lisboa e Vale do Tejo. “Unlocking multiple land ownership:  alternative strategies to enable development”.  April 1 2015.  Click here for flyer.
  83. Spanish Association of Planners and the Metropolitan Authority of Barcelona. Keynote speaker: “Comparative experiences in land use regulation at a metropolitan level. Disempowerment of municipalities, advantages, disadvantages and experiences”. April 17, 2015.  Click for video from Barcelona Metro government TV.
  84. UN Habitat, Spanish Office: Invited think-tank participant: “Municipal Financing in Developing Cities: Review of Land-Based Finance Training Package for Financing Sustainable Urban Development”.  Barcelona, May 20-12.
  85. Tongji University, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University, Shanghai.  “Planning Law, Problems of Non-Compliance and Enforcement:  Is China Unique?  June 8 2015.  Click here for details (Chinese).
  86. Invited speaker: Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy: Corrupt Cities seminar.  July 3 2015.  “Corruption, institutional design and legal norms. A cross-national view of urban planning law and practice”.  Click for flyer.
  87. Invited speaker: Royal Town Planning Institute Annual Convention – “The New Politics for Planning”.  London. July 7 2015.  “The Free Market Versus Intervention”.  (had to cancel due to injury)
  88. Hebrew University of Jerusalem, School of Public Policy. Special Master’s program for Public Sector Cadets. Lecture: Israel’s National Policy in the Urban and Rural Areas: Not what you had in mind”. Dec. 10, 2015.
  89. Peking University in Shenzhen, “Farmers’ Property Rights in OECD Countries”.  December 14, 2016.
  90. Lincoln Center, Peking University, Beijing, China, Special expert seminar for high-level government officials and academics: Issues of planning law and property rights in OECD countries: Lessons for China. Dec. 13, 2017.
  91. Hebrew University, School of Business Administration.  Conference to mark the launching of a new Executive MBA in Real Estate Finance.  Topic:  Israel’s Housing Crisis and the “Reverse Tender” mass condominiums-housing program.  March 22, 2018.

Invited lectures in Israel

At local conferences, to professional associations and Government Agencies

  • Israel Association for Environmental Planning. Addresses at plenary sessions of the annual conferences: 1983, 1985, 1989.
  • Israel Association of Engineers and Architects:. 1977, 1985.
  • Israel Association of Chartered Land Appraisers. 1984, 1985.
  • Israel Center of Developers and Contractors. 1989.
  • City Engineers and Legal Counsels to municipalities, refresher courses organized by the Ministry of. 1977, 1987.
  • Legal Counsels to municipalities, refresher course, the Israel Bar Association. Tel Aviv University 1988.
  • Government roundtable of Directors General, convened by the Minister of the Interior. (re. assessment of the current planning law.) 1988.
  • Elected officials of the Central District. 1989.
  • Building inspection engineers. 1988, 1989, 1990.
  • Officials of the City of Netanya. 1989.
  • Planners with the Municipal Strategic Planning Program of the Joint, Jerusalem. 1989.
  • Association of Municipal Engineers. 1990.
  • Judges in Israel’s Southern District; refresher session held in Nahariya. 1990.
  • Planners of the Jewish Agency for Israel, Tel Aviv. 1990 and 1991.
  • Planning officers in the Haifa and Northern Districts.Acre. 1990 and 1991.
  • Annual conference of city engineers, Eilat. March, 1991.
  • Mayors and elected officials. Haifa and Northern Districts Haifa, April, 1991.
  • Local government directors of municipal land departments, Herzliya. Oct. 1991.
  • Land Use Institute, Jerusalem. Nov. 1991.
  • Legal advisors to local governments and planning commissions. Tel Aviv, Nov. 1991.
  • Elected council members and senior officials of the City of Jerusalem. Dec. 1991.
  • Israel Society for the Protection of Nature, annual meeting. Ramat Hasharon. Dec. 1991.
  • Planning inspectors’ conference, Tiberius. Jan. 1992.
  • Israel Association of Environmental Planning, conference on recent planning legislation. Tel Aviv,January 1992.
  • Symposium on planning for accelerated growth in local authorities, convened by the Jewish Agency. Renewal and Development Department Jerusalem, June,1992.
  • Annual conference, National Association for Environmental Planning, on changes in the planning law. May 1994.
  • Forum of director generals. On land policy and expropriation for roads in Japan. 1994.
  • Israel Institute of Land Appraisers, annual meeting, Tel Aviv. Compensation for decline in land values Oct. 1994.
  • Judges’ In-training Institute. Neve Ilan. On the Israel planning law in comparative perspective Jan. 1995.
  • Tel Aviv Municipality Planning and Related Departments. On the strategic planning approach Jan. 1995.
  • Conference on District Plan #3 – Central District – update. Talk on Open Space Preservation: Learning from an International Perspective Feb. 1995.
  • Local-authority planners and related professionals in the Arab Sector:. Course on Planning and Municipal Land Policy – guest lecture April 1995.
  • Public congress on municipal affairs organized by Globes. 2 presentations on planning of public services in high-density neighborhoods May 1995.
  • International Conference on Environment and the Peace Process.Tel Aviv University. Invited talk on “Agricultural land preservation under crisis.” June 1995.
  • Conference on Planning Law, Bar Ilan University. Paper on “The legal and policy aspects of agricultural and open-space preservation in Israel from a comparative perspective. July 1995.
  • Ministry of Agriculture officials. Invited talk on “Agricultural land preservation in Israel in need of reassessment.”
  •  Technion, Center for Urban and Regional Studies. “Conflict Resolution and the Israel Planning and Building Law: A Backwards March.” May 1995.
  • Lawyers’ in-training institute, Eilat. On “Planning and land expropriation law and policy.” Oct. 1995.
  • Public congress on amendment 43 to the Israel Planning and Building law. “Public participation and the law: One step forward or two in reverse?” 1995.
  • International Workshop on National-Level Planning Laws and Institutions in 10 Western Countries. Opening and concluding lectures: “Why look at national-level planning?” and “Who will implement the Israel 2020 National Plan?.”Technion, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning Jan. 10-11, 1996.
  • Conference of Local-government comptrollers. On “Agreements Between Developers and Planning Authorities and their Implications for Public Ethics.”
  • Annual conference of the Israel Association of Urban and Regional Planners; chair of session. May 1996.
  • Conference of the City Engineers (‘Planners’) Association. “How to Design Agreements between Planning Authorities and Developers” July 1996.
  • Tel Aviv Law School, conference on Innovations in Real Property Law;. presentation on “Is the Continued Holding of National Land Justified? A Long-Range View.” October 31 1996.
  • National Planning and Building Board. presentation on my analysis and recommendations for the Israel 2020: Master plan for Israel in the 21st Century Dec. 1996.
  • In-training Institute of the Ministry of Justice, Attorney General’s office, on Property Law. Invited lecture on Israel’s Land Policy and Planning Goals: Recommended changes.Maaleh Hahamisha Feb. 1997.
  • Appearance before the National Planning and Building Board. Implementing the Israel 2020 Master Plan 1997.
  • 13th Congress of the International Federation of Municipal Engineers, Jerusalem. Invited lecture on “Negotiations between planning authorities and developers: The emerging paradigm”.  April 1997.
  • Public Symposium on Innovations in Planning, organized by Haaretz Newspaper Enterprises,Tel Aviv. “Presentation on Increasing the Density of Residential Areas – State of the Art and Policy Guidelines”.  June 15,1997.
  • Ministry of Agriculture. Symposium on Tools for Agricultural Land Preservation – what can we learn from other countries. Kiryat Anavim.  June 17, 1997.
  • Association of Architects and Town Planners in Israel, Middle East design Forum. Symposium on Ideology, planning, and Ethics. Panel address: “Planners’ Ethics and the Mid-East Conflict”,  June 26,1997.
  • The Sapir Economic Policy forum. Held at Tel Aviv University, June 29, 1997.
  • High-rise buildings: Are they the solution for better utilization of land?. The Israel Society for the Protection of Nature – DESHE group (planners’ group for promoting “green” planning): Tel Aviv, July 31 1997.
  • Talk on “The pros and cons of high-rise buildings”. The Independent Organization of University Graduates in Architecture and Engineering national meeting, Aug. 6, 1997.
  • The Haifa Citizens’ Planning Forum. public lecture at the Haifa Cinemateque on “Public participation in planning”. Oct. 30 1997.
  • The Israel Management Center (“MIL”). symposium on “Israel 2000 – Green spaces or paved asphalt”, Country Class: Glilot, Nov. 18, 1997.
  • “Implementation of the Israel 2020 Plan”. Technion – Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning.Lecture presented at the presentation of the Israel 2020 Master Plan to the President of Israel: Jan. 29 1998.
  • “Land policy for the future”. The Association of Architects and Planners, the City of Tel Aviv and the Technion – Symposium on the Israel 2020 Master Plan: Einav Center, May 11, 1998.
  • “Land policy – current versus desired policies”. Israel Comptroller General Office senior staff: June 9, 1998.
  • “Increasing the density of housing in Israel”. Ministry of the Interior (plus all District Planners): July 1998.
  • “Conflicts in the Urban and Regional Statutory System”. Technion – Neaman Institute Center for Negotiation and Conflict Management – workshop on Conflict Resolution in Urban and Environmental Planning: June 3 1998.
  • “Design Control and Land Values”. Technion – seminar on Urban Design and Real Estate: Paper co-presented with Sara Gazit-Weizman: 1998.
  • “The Future of the Environment”. International high-school teachers’ workshop: Reali High School, Haifa, Israel, February 1999.
  • “Negotiated and other Innovative approaches to the supply of land and financing of public services.”. Professional-development course for planning officials in local and district planning commissions organized by the Israel Center for Local Government: Tel Aviv, Jan., 2000.
  • “Innovative tools for preserving open space from development”. Symposium on research reports commissioned by the Jewish National Fund: November 29 2000.
  • “Planning urban infrastructure”. Invited speaker, Israel-Spain joint workshop on Urban Democracy, Jerusalem Center for Israel Studies and the Israel Ministry of Environment,scheduled Feb. 2001 but postponed indefinitely due to the security situation.
  • “Property rights and the issue of rural land conversions for development”. State attorneys and legal advisors’ conference (some 250 participants): Feb. 22 2001.
  • Decision-making regarding high-rise construction in Israel. from a cross-national comparative perspective: Legal and policy aspects as part of a symposium organized by the Ministry of Interior for the Technion research project on high-rise development: March 18 and June 6, 2001.
  • Public participation in planning. Ministry of the Environment, Refresher Course in Planning: May 17, 2001.
  • “The statutory planning system and its impact on the Arab sector in Israel”. Ministry of the Comptroller General – in preparation for their evaluation of government policies towards the Arab sector in Israel, scheduled for the Comptroller’ statutory 2002 Annual Report: June 6 2001.
  • “Israel’s National Land Policy and Planning Considerations: A Collision Path?”. First National Conference on Land Policy organized by the Institute on Land-Policy Research, Jerusalem Theater. Invited plenary opening speaker: Jerusalem, June 25 2001.
  • Annual Conference of the Israel Geographers’ Association. Invited paper: Rachelle Alterman and Tamy Stav: Changing government attitudes to the Arab Sector as expressed in the language of district and local plans. Session on the Language of Planning: Tel Aviv University, December 12 2001.
  • “Grounding property rights and Land-Use Changes in the Eyes of Academia”. Institute for Land Policy Research, Jerusalem. Israel Forum for Land Policy, invited lecture: Jerusalem, January 29 2002.
  • Upper Galilee Development Corporation.  Meeting of 40 Kibbutz CEO’s or treasurers. Upper Galilee Kibbutz Center: February 17 2002.
  • The Arab-Jewish Center for Economic Development,. symposium on “National land for all citizens?” Invited presentation on “Israel’s national land policy at a crossroad.”: September 3 2002.
  • Future Directions in Land Policy in Israel. Haifa University Law School: Symposium on Distributive Justice Regarding Israel Lands – following the High Court Decision. Panel on November 6 2002.
  • Symposium on High – Rise Buildings.  Organized by the Center for Urban and Regional Studies at Technion and the Ministry of the Interior. Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv. Presentation on the legal aspects of policies regarding high-rise construction: January 21 2003.
  • Lecture on Historic Preservation from a Cross-National Comparative Perspective. Israel Council for Historic Preservation and the Law Bar. Symposium on Historic Preservation and the Law – Center for Urban and Regional Studies at Technion: March 27 2003.
  • “The changing attitude of national plans to the Arab sector in Israel.”. Conference initiator. Urban and regional planning and the Arab Sector in Israel: Symposium in memory of Arch. Dov Czernobroda. Center for Urban and Regional Studies: June 2 Technion, Haifa.
  • “Are changes to the Israel Planning and Building Law necessary?”. Bank of Jerusalem Real Estate Forum, Lecture on September 3 2003.
  • Symposium on “Open Spaces Preservation: Ecological, Planning, and Social Aspects. Tel Aviv University, Institute for Research on Nature Preservation . Chair and moderator of expert panel: October 19 2003.
  • “Municipal Planning and the Fiscal Structure of Local Government in Israel…”. – Bar Ilan University, The Center for Local Government Studies, Department of Political Science, Conference on “Municipal Planning and the Fiscal Structure of Local Government in Israel: Constraints and Opportunities”. Rachelle Alterman and Einat Gabrieli on “Decentralization of plan-approval authority in Amendment 43 of the Planning and Building Law: Too little too early?”  December 18 2003.
  • “The Crisis-Led Transformation in Israeli Planning since 1990”. Ministry of Interior, National Planning and Building Board. Special conference in honor of the retirement of the Chair, Mr. Amram Kalagy: Jan. 22 2004.
  • “Trends in the Decisions of the Israel Lands Council: Can One See the Forest for the Trees?”. Annual meeting of the Israel Political Science Association, Beer Sheva . Paper with Ravit Hananel:  March 25 2004.
  • “The status of strategic plans – between law and policy.”. Israel Architects’ Association (Amutat Ha-Adrihalim) . Symposium on the Tel Aviv Strategic Plan.  Nov 23, 2004.
  • Central District Planning Commission. Symposium on the Guide to High Rise Buildings. Invited presentation on the legal aspects and maintenance.  Dec. 26 2004.
  • Symposium on “Land, Capital and Powers”. Tel Aviv University, Porter School of Environmental Studies Plenary lecture on “National land and distributive justice”.  Jan. 6 2005.
  • “The differences between how architects and planners relate to political issues”. Annual conference of the Israel Architects’ Association: Jan. 6 2005.
  • Symposium on “Land and Local Government in the Druze Minority Sector”. Haifa University, Center for Arab-Jewish Studies: January 2005.
  • Symposium on the Guide to High Rise Buildings. Invited presentation on legal aspects and maintenance. Tel Aviv District Planning Commission:  February 2, 2005.
  • Innovations in Planning Law – the status of statutory plans and the need for legislative reform. Israel Bar: The 2005 Annual Conference of Israeli Lawyers’ Association:  Eilat, May 31, 2005.
  • Design Supplements in Statutory Plans for Residential Neighborhoods. Ministry of Construction and Housing – Symposium on Regulatory Considerations in Housing Development – new research. Invited speaker on my research project financed by the Ministry: Tel Aviv (“Exhibition Gardens”), April 5 2006..
  •  Can sustainable maintenance be ascertained? Report on research project. Ministry of the Interior, Planning Administration and open invitation to planners: Revisiting Residential Towers Policy:  April 11, 2007.
  • Symposium on land expropriation organized by Mekarkein – the Israel Journal of Real Property. The Israeli Planning and Building Law on compensation for injuries to property values: Need for reform: Tel Aviv, Nov. 6 2007.
  • “Agreements between Developers and Planning Agencies”. Law School, Hebrew University. Symposium on “Social Privatization” on the occasion of the publication of Shraga Biran’s book: April 2 2008.
  • Conference “60 Years of Planning in Israel”. organized by Tel Aviv University School of Business Administration. Plenary lecture: “National planning in Israel compared with selected Western countries”. Held at Hebrew University: April 13 2008.
  • “Property rights of the Druze and Arab Minority in Israel: Some positive trends and action items”. Symposium on Druze Land Rights organized by the Democracy NGO.  Druze village of Osfiya May 2008.
  • Panel discussion, “Is the Revival of the Kibbutzim a Reality”?.  held during the Multi-Generatinal Gathering of the Shomer Ha-Zair Movement: Givat Haviva, Sept, 20 2008.
  • “The status of the planning profession in Israel from an international perspective”. Israel Planners’ Association symposium: Tel Aviv, September 21, 2008.
  • The Sderot National Social-Policy Forum. Chair of session on the Israel Planning Law Reform and its Social Implications. 2008.
  • The Israel Assonciation on Public Law. “The Reform in Israel’s Planning and Buiding Law” Nov. 2010, Caesaria.
  • Bar Ilan University, Department of Geography. Forum on the rural sector.  “Property Rights in the Rural Sector:  Israel from a cross national perspective” February 2011.  Click here for details.
  • Israel Lawyers’ Association annual conference, Eilat, May 21 2012, on “Land Expropriation in Israel from an international perspective – a critique of the “double stage doctrine”.
  • Town of Yarka (a Druze minority town in the Galilee) – “How should the Druze local governments empower themselves in planning”. Yarka, July 22, 2012.
  • Elected councilors meeting initiated by the Female Councilors Association, Kefar Yona, Oct. 27 2011 on “Affordable Housing and Local Governments”.
  • The Sederot Annual Congress on Social Affairs, “The reform in the Israel Planning and Building Law”, Nov. 9 2010.
  • The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzlia, Gazit-Globus Center for Real Estate Research. Symposium on: “How to Burst the Housing Price Bubble”. Spoke on the role of the planning system and national land policy in housing prices.   December 18, 2012.
  • Symposium on the “Reform Amendment 101” to the Israel Planning Law”, Herzog, Fox & Neeman Law Firm. Presentation: “Criticism on the Reform from a Cross-National Perspective. June  12 2014, Tel Aviv.
  • Roundtable Forum on the Rural Sector, Sapir College, Sederot). “The Disparity between the socio-economic contributions of the rural sector and the unjust land and planning policies towards it”, 21 Oct. 2014.
  • “Reform Amendment 101” to the Israel Planning Law”, Herzog, Fox & Neeman Law Firm. Presentation: “Why this Reform Won’t Meet its Goals”.
  • Symposium on the “Amendment 101 to the Israel Planning Law”, Presentation: “The Reform from a Cross-National Perspective.”. Herzlia, Dec. 1 2014.
  • The Land Issue of the Kibbutzim :  Need for a fresh perspective in time and cross-national space”.  Presentation to the Land Coordinators of the Kibbutzim.  Granot Agricultural Center, Sept. 7 2015.
  • Rethinking National Land Policy for  Israel’s Rural Sector.  Presentation  at the Annual Conference of the Kibbutzim National Leadership.  Maaleh Hahamisha, Nov. 4, 2015
  • The Unaffordability Housing Crisis and National Land Policy: Not what you had in mind.  Public lecture at the “Majdi Forum” called “pubic parliament of Kfar Sabba”.  Jan. 8 2016.